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This site is currently under construction. The intent of this site is to host hand crafted card project sheets. The site will initially use projects sheets created from some of my cards, but anyone with an original card idea is welcome to be published here. The hope is that others will freely contribute. Card submission is a manual process until I develop a better method. Please read the offical submission rules and then email the following to You can expect to see all of the above published on the card sheet on the web site. Some additional information I need:

I will take this information and edit it into the format the web site needs and publish it. In the future, this may become a web form once I can automate the formatting process more.

Finally, regarding the list of supplies - please be as specific as possible. Not only does this credit the creator of that stamp art you used but I have plans to index the cards later based on supplies/theme. For example, if someone is looking for ideas for Stampin' Up! stamps, one day there may be a way to see all the projects that have the word "Stampin' Up!" in it. Right now it's just an idea in my head for how to make the site usable when it has 1,000's of cards on it or to allow the site to promote a vendor in exchange for promotional consideration and/or giveaway prizes.

Official Submission Rules

  1. You must hold copyright and publication permissions on any works submitted. If you have signed over all future publication rights as a result of submitting the card to a contest or for publication elsewhere, then you may not submit it here.
  2. You retain copyright permissions on all submissions, except you grant the site and its owner, management and employees a royalty free non exclusive license to publish, store, edit and distribute your submitted work on the site or any derivative sites forever. You understand that even if submitted work is removed from the web site, it may continue to exist on hard drives, backups and other media for the life of that media.
  3. You understand that the site's distribution model may change over time, for example, a mobile specific derivative of the site with mobile specific ads may be offered on a different URL and your content will be made available on that derivative.
  4. You understand that the site displays ads to users and may one day actually receive revenue from advertisers and you are not entitled to any of this revenue.
  5. You understand that it costs the owner of this website a fee each month to provide this website to the public, as well as a substantial time commitment. While the intent is to keep the site online until the next renewal period in Dec 2013 and reevaluate the cost/revenue/public benefit of the site, the site has the right to terminate operations and cease publication of your works at any time.
  6. You understand the site is under no obligation to display any content you submit, even if it has done so in the past.
  7. You understand the site layout may change dramatically. Layout of the site and placement of your work is at the sole discretion of the site.
  8. You understand the site may, in the future, offer some form of incentives or profit sharing to contributors meeting certain quality/quantity levels and establishing such a program in no way diminishes the royalty free license you granted on your work when you submitted it. Any such program would be publically disclosed and open to all contributors meeting the requirements. The site has no intention of making any such offer until startup costs have been recovered and is under no obligation to offer such a program.
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