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Gate-fold Greeting Cards

Gate-fold cards are designed with left and right flaps, or gates, that open to reveal the inside of the card. There are many variations on this theme. In the simplest gatefold cards, the left and right flaps meet in the center. To make this type of card, you fold 1/4 of the length in on the left and right sides. Itís like a tri-fold card but instead of dividing into 3 even pieces the middle is half the card width. For a standard 8 1/2 wide sheet of paper that you want to fit in an A2 envelope, that means you fold at 2 1/8 inches in from the left and right side.

There are several common ways to decorate this type of card. The first is put some kind of large embellishment or image over the center of the card, but only adhere it to one side so the gate can open. The embellishment becomes a sort of handle to open the gate. It also helps cover up any gap in the middle from imperfect folding.

Another variation is to provide embellishments on both sides. In order to fold it up you have to tuck each side under the other sideís embellishment. This creates a locking gate that stays shut on its own until pulled opened.

Yet another way to vary this fold is to make each of the flaps a fold. For example, start with a tri-fold then half fold each flap. Now you have a gatefold card that you can pull open from both sides. This variation is useful because you can pull both sides and see the entire front surface at once so you can create a larger scene with words in the middle.

Here's a pictorial view of how to fold this card:

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