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Challenge 2

Not Enough Paper Challenge

I originally made these cards for the Paper Crafts Card Swap class at the 2009 Creating Keepsakes Convention I attended. The challenge in making these cards was I had a clever and original idea I really liked because it combined so many elements: a free floating tag that moves, ribbon, glitter and nice patterned cardstock. The problem was I needed 20 cards for the swap and the patterned paper was coming from a single 6.5" x 4.5" DCWV Glitter Mat Stack. These small stacks are nice because the patterns on them are smaller versions of their larger stacks that work well for card making but you only get a few sheets of each so you usually can't make many of the same card unless you buy a bunch of the same stack. You can't just buy the 12x12 stack because the pattern size is proportional. You only get the small tight pattern that's nice for card making in the 6.5" x 4.5" mat stack. I solved the challenge by keeping the design the same but switching the patterned paper and colors. In order to mix things up a bit more at the end, I also took a stamp I had and started making my own paper to use in place of the patterned patterned paper. I let people pick which color they wanted at the swap.

So that's the challenge to you - come up with a complex card layout and then make as many different variations as you can. Maybe make some in male colors, some female colors and some neutral colors. You must change at least 2 major elements on the card so each one requires some amount of thought. For example, on these I had to change the patterned paper and then had to change the major color used by the cardstock, stamping and ribbon so I had to match everything up again.

Here are the cards variations I made. Just click on the image to go the instructions sheet.

These pink ones actually came first and where done months before I needed cards for the swap. Not having any more of the brown paper was my inspiration for making the other ones.

The rest were done over a series of days (ok weeks?) to get the number of cards I needed plus a bunch of extras.

Finally, here's the one I did by stamping the left hand side. I took this one as an extra, expecting no one would pick this over the other ones but it surprised me.

Click any card below or above to see the full instruction sheet!

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