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Challenge 1

One piece of cardstock can make a difference!

The craft store had a sale on open stock paper so I picked up a few sheets that caught my eye. A few nights later I set out to use one of those sheets I had ideas on how to use when I was in the craft store before I forgot why I brought it. Normally, I would have come up with one design and then made as many duplicates as I could from that one sheet of patterned paper for the "ready to give" box. Instead, I decided to see how many different types of cards I could make that night from it. Midway through I realized this was actually a fun challenge of my card making skills.

So that's the challenge to you - get one full sheet of patterned paper and make as many different cards as you can based on that sheet of paper. You can go buy new like I did or you can pull something out the hundreds (thousands?) you already have like I should have done. The cards can borrow elements from each other, but no two should really follow the same layout recipe. They should be different in significant ways.

To help you get started. here are the six I made from my sheet of patterned paper and the details of my adventure that night.

My first thought and the reason I brought this paper was to reuse the happy birthday definition that was already stamped and ready to use on the table from the Happy Birthday Definition card I had made previously. I was planning to make the card be 8 1/2" wide and to be short enough to fit in a standard letter size envelope. I figured I would do something creative with the definition on the left and then work a cupcake or ballons on the other side of the card. Things just didn't fit right though so the left side became this card. You can click on it to get the full instruction sheet.

The right side turned in the card below. Again you can click on it or any of the cards here for full instructions on how to make it.

For the third card, I wanted to try to incorporate a long very special stamp. The color pallete seemed to be working pretty well so I left that alone and came up with a creative strip to run the length of the card. One really cool thing about the strip is it doesn't use a full white mat underneath. I originally tried that but the punch takes off so much paper that it was too small, so I simply cut what I had in half and attached it to the top and bottom. You can't see the middle anyway. I kept trying to add other elements besides the strip, but it was the simple beauty of the very stamp on the card that made it so appealing so I ended up leaving the rest of the card plain and ended up with this:

For the next card, I decided to go for a gatefold card since its been a while since I made on of those. The piece of patterned paper I had wasn't quite large enough though so I made it work by cutting scraps of the green into 1/4" strips and putting them on the four sides on the front. It helps to have something to open the fold and the cupcake stamp and the happy birthday stamp were already out. The problem at this point was how to cut them out. The circle was bigger than the punches I would have normally used, so I searched through the Spellbinders Nestibilities pile and found a circle set I could use. One cool thing about them is that its easy to make the next size up to do a mat and I definitely needed a mat to separate the cupcake from the busy stripes. I went all out and made 3 mats with the black against the paper since it made the strongest border and the green against the cupcake to coordinate with and help pull out the circle image. Here's the result:

Next I decided to use the scraps that were accumulating. I am always amazed at what I manage to turn scraps into and this one was no exception. The design is so clever in the way it maintains visual focus and yet totally different I wish I could say I actually sat down with the intention of making it exactly like this but what actually happened was I picked up one of the extra cupcake circles from the previous card and a remaining strip of patterned paper. I had punched a circle out it while trying to find something interesting to add the third card and needed to cut that off so I decided to try cutting it on a diagonal just to be different. I played with various combinations and ended up realizing I needed to mat the patterned paper to make it pop more. I also realized in order maintain focus I needed everything to come to a central point and making everything come to that central point became the layout. I simply placed all the papers so they would lead to where I wanted to put the circle and the diagonal cut on the paper played into that perfectly as you can see below.

There was one last piece of usable paper. I had gotten a whole set of these big word stamps for scrapbooking but have been struggling to use them in cardmaking. I had to find a way to make a card with one. I had been on a thank you card kick recently, so I pulled out the thank you stamp from the set. I was disappointed to realize their clear material is water based ink phobic so I had to switch from the Stampin' Up! pads I had been using to the bag of Brilliance dew drops that were still on the craft table because they keep getting used. I tried to incorporate a green mat on the thank you too but ended up pulling it off because it was distracting. Again, simplicity ruled the day. If you look its really just a bunch of rectangular mats but what a difference the patterned paper made! Here is the final result:

That was my card making adventure one night because I decided to do what I am challenging you to do and make as many cards as you can from one sheet of patterned paper. What can you come up with? Try it an send me your cards to publish and I'll add them to table below.

Click on a card to see the full instruction sheet!

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